The trend of lightweight carbon fiber battery box highlights

Carbon fiber is a new type of fiber material with high strength and high modulus fiber containing more than 95% carbon. Compared with steel, its strength is up to 10 times, and its weight is only a quarter of it. The carbon fiber material has a very high specific modulus, and has a good resistance to chemicals such as acid and alkali salts. It is resistant to salt spray, corrosion, and shock absorption. Its energy absorption rate is steel when it encounters an impact. 3-5 times, so high safety.

In response to the characteristics of carbon fiber materials, engineers began to try to use it in the automotive field, especially in new energy vehicles. After years of development, the technology has become very mature. In the structural parts of various parts of the car, carbon fiber composite materials have been widely used in car bodies, battery boxes, transmission shafts, roofs, car interiors, etc., not only for high-end sports cars, but also for ordinary household cars.

Normally, the body weight consumes about 70% of the fuel, so the primary problem of reducing car fuel consumption is to reduce the car’s own weight. Cars using carbon fiber materials reduce their own weight, which not only greatly improves fuel application efficiency, but also indirectly reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

Carbon fiber materials are not only mature in the appearance of automobile bodies, but also popular in the application of new energy battery boxes, but they have higher requirements on the whole and are more difficult to produce. At present, the box materials of large electric vehicles are mostly composed of welded steel plates, but small electric vehicles generally adopt a chassis-suspended battery pack. Therefore, the quality of the entire vehicle, especially the quality of the battery pack, is very high. Therefore, carbon fiber composite materials are required. Lightweight, high-strength battery box to share the quality pressure on the battery pack.

Because the power battery box plays a key role in the safe operation and protection of the battery pack, compared with other parts of the car body, its requirements for collision prevention, waterproof, fire prevention, and dust prevention are particularly stringent. Because the battery box of small electric vehicles is generally installed in the lower part of the car body, and the operating environment of the lower part of the car body is relatively harsh, the material of the box body must be capable of waterproof and dustproof and resist the erosion of the road environment. The battery box The body must be sealed and waterproof to prevent short circuit due to water ingress. The impact and vibration of the battery during the operation of the vehicle are also relatively large. The output voltage of the battery pack of the pure electric vehicle is as high as 200 volts or more. In addition to ensuring the battery is contained, the battery box must effectively isolate the contact between the operator and passengers and the battery. Therefore, the protection level of the battery box is also very high.

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