Carbon fiber glasses A good brand should not just sell products

A good brand should not just sell products, but consumers should be able to perceive the lifestyle changes brought about by the products. This time the implementation of the brand advocates “glasses’ shape.” Its brand designers regularly go to Seoul, Tokyo, Milan and other places to participate in various fashion conferences to capture the design and processing of fashion elements in a timely manner. Different choices are provided according to people of different ages and identities. The difference with other glasses is that they dare to take the lead. Whether they are the pioneers of e-commerce sales or subverting traditional glasses and innovative carbon fiber glasses, they are naturally different and unique.

The 3 · 0 era of carbon fiber has officially arrived, and the continuous innovation of styles and materials can meet the needs of consumers. So insist on using carbon fiber as a lightweight material, which is more in line with environmental protection and health requirements. In the design of the new carbon fiber products, the weight of the nose bridge when wearing is further reduced. The position of the temples is added with anti-slip materials. The special treatment of the position of contact with the head makes the wearing more fit to the body and more comfortable. The joints with the temples are specially designed and connected to balance the weight of the mirror frame and frame.

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